Otto Timmons

Otto Timmons is a User Experience Designer, helping companies better understand the competitive landscape and user experience of their products. He helps companies design better products that are easier for their customers to use. As founder of 3GR, Inc. he leads a team of experienced designers and developers in executing large design and development projects. 3GR specializes in analyzing both enterprise and consumer technology products, including marketing websites, enterprise web apps, collaboration and messaging systems and mobile apps. Select customers include Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, Verizon, Google and Schlumberger. 3GR also consults with startups who want to develop a user centered design culture.

Prior to founding 3GR, Otto was vice president at TANGENT Design/Communications from 1990 to 1997. Otto was a pioneer in defining advertising and design on the Internet. Clients included IBM, Coors, AGFA and AT&T. Designing and developing several of IBM's first web sites, Otto led the team at TANGENT that developed IBM's first worldwide content management system, based on Lotus Notes and DB2. He was also responsible for international strategic initiatives for AGFA, IBM and Sweden Post's where he led teams that developed global multilingual web businesses for each respective company.

In 1994, Otto led the team that created two of the first Internet based banner advertisements for AT&T and Coors' ZIMA brand, which appeared on the inaugural HotWired web site. HotWired was the first web site to accept paid placed advertising.

Otto Timmons is on the Board of Advisors of Learn to Read Free, a groundbreaking initiative in child distance learning.

Contact us at otto at 3gr dot com

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